Letter Exchange

Words Set Free exhibition


The Words Set Free exhibition opened in September 2012 and featured work by members of Letter Exchange on the theme of freedom of expression.


I wanted the exhibition logo to convey some of this freedom so created a block where the words are visible by their absence. This logo block proved to be very effective particularly on the poster used outside the opening venue, the Free Word Centre. They reported it generated more visitors and enquiries than for any previous exhibition.


The logo also worked particularly well as a clear foil block on the cover of the catalogue. The small size of the catalogue, 130x210mm, is in response to the varying quality of the images of the exhibits which were all provided by the artists. By keeping the reproduction small, I was able to keep the quality of the images consistent. For the cover, I couldn’t decide what colour would be the most appropriate from the fabulous range available with Colourplan papers. In the end I decided to use seven different cover colours which allowed people to choose their favourites and made the display more interesting.