Wide Stencil typeface


Wide Stencil is an on-going typeface design project that began when I couldn’t find the right typeface to design a logo for myself. After much fruitless searching of type libraries, I decided to draw my own.


Having done the words Mark Noad Design, I realised I had many of the elements to complete a full alphabet. As it’s a stencil font it was easy to take parts of letters and build new ones. Once I’d done the 26 characters of the Latin alphabet, most of the elements were there to complete the Greek and Cyrillic alphabets too.


I then started playing with letter pairs creating ligatures where appropriate (and probably where not appropriate as well). I’ve done the numerals and the next task is to complete the punctuation and tackle the diacritical marks. But so far it’s all upper case, I’m still debating whether to do a lower case version or maybe small caps. I’ll post further updates when I’ve completed more.


To date, as well as using it for my own identity (above),
to create some of the stencils for the A-Z lettering trail in Sanpe and for the number twelve of my Lettering Clock project. I also used it for a screen printing workshop at Print Club London