Annual report


ASOS is a fast-growing online fashion retailer aimed primarily at a twenty-something audience. They have an established brand that is well-recognised by their target audience mainly through their multiple on-line platforms.


They realised however that the way they communicated to their customers was not appropriate for their corporate reporting. Their rapid growth demanded a more mature approach to the design of their annual report.


I was asked to develop the design of the report to be more appropriate for their investor audience while still retaining the character of the business.


Working with their web design company Investis and corporate reporting consultants Falcon Windsor, we restructured their reporting and suggested they move to a more conventional A4 format rather than their previous square-format reports.


To illustrate the report, I proposed we use their vibrant fashion photography as monotones. This allowed us to covey the spirit of the company (as well as the latest styles and trends) without that being the focus of the layout. Colour photography is reserved for images relating to how the company is run as they are the most relevant to the content of the report.