A-Z lettering trail, Snape


When the Letter Exchange exhibition 26 Words arrived at the Lettering Arts Centre in Snape Malting, Suffolk we wanted to promote the opening throughout the area.


I came up with the idea of creating an A-Z lettering trail on the walls and pavements of the centre leading visitors to the gallery. I recruited four other Letter Exchange members with different skills and traditions to help me draw paint and spray the letters.


Using a variety of lettering styles and techniques we painted and drew on roads, steps, walls and fences. There was a lot of interest and enthusiasm – as well as the odd puzzled expression – from visitors to the site with many taking the time to visit the exhibition.


Thanks to Ros Pritchard, Mark Frith, Louise Tiplady, and Errol Donald for helping me to raise awareness of the exhibition which had more than 1,500 visitors durng its time at the gallery.


The full text of the trail is as follows:

A is for an amazing alphabet.

B is for beguiling, bright ideas.

C is for creative calligraphy.

D is for design refined.

E is for erudite essays.

F is for fabulous fun.

G is for glorious gems.

H is for hieroglyphs saying hello.

I is for insights and imagination.

J is for just join in.

K is for a kaleidoscope of kerning.

L is for the Lettering Arts Centre.

M is for medium and message.

N is for new ways of looking.

O is for open your mind.

P is for poems and prose.

Q is for quirky, quixotic.

R is for reading our writing.

S is for storytelling in stone.

T is for 27 talented writers.

U is for a unique undertaking.

V is for verbal and visual.

W is for the wonder of writing.

X is for excellent expressions.

Y is for yoo-hoo, pop over.

Z is for zesty and zingy.